Das SCHWER-Gewicht in Sachen Präzision

We are your supplier of high quality!

Schwer Präzision s.r.l. produces complex and challenging precision turned parts, milling parts and other technical products.

In these areas, we are appreciated from our customers for quality, delivery reliability and service. We produce complex parts from different materials and deliver them flexible and on schedule. We produce in Rodengo (South-Tyrol, Italy) and Denkingen(Baden-Württemberg, Germany)


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Brazing furnace

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Modern measuring technology

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Manufacturing hall

Our productions are equipped with all necessary means and machines:

CNC-short and long lathes for turned parts from almost all materials in complete machining. We produce parts beginning from a diameter of Ø1mm until Ø40mm. All CNC machines are equipped with driven tools, C-axis, Y-axis and counter spindles.

We perform post-processing options such as burnishing, slotting, honing, grinding, brushing, cutting threads and shaping.

Quality comes first!

Schwer Präzision s.r.l. connects experience with dynamic, promptness with reliability and the thorough preparation work with the optimal production processes. Because of these processes we produce turning parts of high quality. That makes us a preferred partner for the production of complex parts and allows us an unusually quick response to customers' special needs.

Our new measuring station of Zeiss, SURFCOM NEX 041 disposes of a raised measuring exactness.

We process almost all common materials for example:

All aluminium alloyings

Miscellaneous brasses and machine steels

Stainless steels

Carbon steels ,Case hardening steels ,Heat-treated steels ,Nitriding steels , Tool steels

Bronze, Copper

Synthetic material

Various possibilities in the field of secondary treatment:

Galvanic surfaces

Heat treatments


Powder coatings


Markings with laser

Our new robot to measure out parts!

If a customer requires 100% of control for his order, we can guarantee this with our robot.


Charging Station


The reloading station Type 2 22kW is completely conformable to the International Rule IEC 61851-1 and guarantees the maximum certainty of the process of reloading thanks to the constant communication between electric vehicle and Wall-Box. Accessibly for everybody.

3-phase current box

Three-phase current box: 1 x 32 A/400 V CEE red, 2 x 16 A/230 V CEE blue (camping). In sum with 32 ares resilient. Entrance only for members from the three-phase network.


Here you can easisly charge your electric car

Recently, we bought a Renault Zoe,a full electric car. Another two additional loading stations come shortly.

Schwer Präzision Italy

Industriale Zone St. Pauls 52/1
GPS: 46.79027°North 11.67073°East
39037 Rodeneck
Tel. +39 0472 201577 /info@schwer-praezision.it

Schwer Präzision Germany

Hauptstraße 148
78588 Denkingen
Tel. +49 74249815-0 // info@schwer-praezision.de